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During a regular legislative session, the 30 days before it starts, and during any special session a legislator or state executive office holder may not solicit or accept campaigns contributions:

  • for any candidate for state or local office;

  • to a public office fund;

  • to retire a campaign debt; or

  • for a political committee, including a caucus political committee or party, if the contribution are used for the benefit of incumbent state officials or known candidates (WAC 390-17-400).


This prohibition extends to any person employed by or acting on behalf of an official subject to the freeze.  Further, since caucus political committees act on behalf of legislators, caucus committee personnel also are prohibited from soliciting or accepting contributions for the purposes mentioned above and further explained in WAC 390-17-400.

Candidates may accept contributions that were made on December 9 or earlier, including contributions that were mailed and bear a December 9 postmark.

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