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Christine Rolfes

for State Senator

So proud of Christine! Read about her new responsibilities in Olympia! Click HERE .

November 4, 2019



Thank you for visiting my campaign website. I’ve been working hard as your State Senator for the past eight years, bringing your ideas and concerns to Olympia. Together we’ve achieved great results in the face of tremendous economic and partisan challenges - from the small but important things like building a crosswalk in Kingston for pedestrian safety to taking on special interests to create the nation’s best oil spill prevention and response laws.


In 2018 I was selected by my peers to Chair the Senate’s Ways and Means Committee, leading development of the $52 billion biennial state budget for the legislature. Since taking over this role, the legislature has sent to the Governor two budgets, both delivered on-time and balanced over a four-year planning horizon, with historic investments in our public schools, mental health, and environmental restoration. 


Due to our sound fiscal practices and diversified and strong economy, the state’s bond ratings were upgraded for the first time in 22 years by national investor services, to the highest rating achievable. (


I also serve on the Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources and Parks Committee, where I have led Senate efforts to protect Puget Sound’s iconic Orca whales and restore our state’s public lands to healthy, more fire-resistant conditions. My work on plastic waste reduction even garnered national attention (


I hope you will take the time to explore this website, to learn more about what I’ve been working on and what we’ve accomplished. If you are just here for a few minutes, here are some highlights:


  • Expanded work force training and four-year degree programs at Olympic College and led bipartisan work to reinvest in Career and Technical Education in high school and middle school, expanding access to critical job and skills training throughout the state.


  • Passed legislation enabling Kitsap PUD to offer broadband (high speed internet) services to neighborhoods that are not served by commercial telecommunications companies, helping to break down the barrier to services that exists in parts of our county.


  • Began planning for congestion improvements on Highway 305 between Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island, for ferry-related improvements in Kingston along Hwy 104, and for redevelopment of the East Bremerton Highway 303 corridor. Expanded capacity for the state ferry system through fleet modernization and replacement, including future conversion to hybrid electric engines.


  • Led the legislature into compliance with the Supreme Court’s McCleary Decision, adding billions of dollars in new funding to the state’s financially-strapped public school system. Awarded Legislator of the Year by the Washington State Parent Teacher Association (2018) for my “dedication to all children in Washington State” and my work on education funding.


  • Passed legislation to keep families and communities safe by ensuring that all law enforcement officers receive Crisis Intervention Training and by funding expansion of community mental health services. Reduced the backlog of sexual assault kit tests, improved the efficiency of the state’s existing gun purchase background checks, and passed commonsense gun safety measures that help to prevent suicides and reduce domestic violence victim vulnerability;


  • Sponsored legislation to provide our county’s lowest income seniors and disabled veterans with more property tax relief. As Senate budget chair, passed a temporary property tax break for everyone in 2019.


  • Protected and enhanced funds to clean up toxins from and restore Port Gamble Bay and Eagle Harbor, and for the preservation of local lands for working forests and open space, including 4,000 acres at Port Gamble, additions to the Illahee Preserve in Bremerton, and a new neighborhood park at Olympic View on Hood Canal.


  • Passed multiple pieces of legislation to protect and restore Puget Sound’s fisheries and marine wildlife, including directing the Department of Natural Resources and Department of Agriculture to take a closer look at their lax policies related to helicopter spraying of pesticides in local forestlands.


  • Awarded 2018 Honorary Fire Chiefs Award for work to fund firefighter training and wildfire response during the 2018 legislative session.


In Olympia I have a reputation as both a consensus builder and someone who delivers for those whom I represent. Much of the work I do originates from the people I serve. Kitsap County has a history of electing representatives who place community priorities over party label. I share this ethic and will always place progress over partisanship.


I am easily available to you- please feel free to email me and I will do my best to respond personally and promptly.  If you have concerns about legislative matters, you can contact me through my legislative office.


Thank you for visiting this website.


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